SMARTLAND is a multi-disciplinar landscape design studio with an international focus. We design sustainable living environments, as well inside as outside the urban fabric and on various scales. With our professional roots in the Dutch Rhine River Delta we have gained broad experience in handling spatial quests in densely populated areas. We solve problems that are universal and that go beyond borders with design solutions that are unique and tailor made.


Léon Emmen

landscape architect

industrial designer

Klaas Jan Wardenaar

landscape architect


Roel Wolters

landscape architect

nature & landscape engineer

SUPPORT TEAM   Zhang Yan  |  Mei Xuecen  |  Chen Xiangjun

Wetland park
Slow traffic systems
Urban farming
Micro Climate
Redewable energy
Water gardens

FOCUS We develop innovative, integrated spatial solutions for projects in which landscape, urban planning, water management, ecology, architecture and product design come together. SMARTLAND connects people with their environment. We believe that knowledge and specific experience of the landscape inevitably leads to appreciation of the landscape and concern for the environment. We make landscape understandable, readable and liveable.

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