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Tentoonstelling "Challenges In Flooding" Tokyo

Between March 18th and March 25th, an exhibition about flood control will take place in Gallery Ten, Tokyo. Here the results of an interdisciplinary and international students workshop lead by TU Delft in collaboration with Chiba University, Tokyo University in Tokyo, Japan will be shown. The aim of the workshop was to research and evaluate the existing infrastructure in the urban floodplain in Edogawa ward, Tokyo. The research used the method of “Research by Design”, and then to compare it to the existing condition in Rotterdam.

On the first day (March 18th), presentations of last year’s workshops will be held from students of Chiba University and Delft University of Technology (Netherlands). In addition, Akihiko Ono of Chuo University, Mr. Taku Suzuki of Nikken Sekkei and Fransje Hooimeijer of the Urban Design Department in TU Delft will hold discussions. Parallel to this program, there will also be an exhibition of Dutch flood control projects. SMARTLAND has been asked to present their work and design experience on multi-functional flood control systems and coastline reinforcements that integrate safety measures, culture, recreational use and the restoration of coastal ecology.


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