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Transformation Bad Vilbelpark Huizen

SMARTLAND has been asked to make a design for the transformation of the Vilbelpark in Huizen. The forest plants and paths were subsided and very wet, making maintenance very difficult. As a result, there were floods and even trees fell. Because the water lay in the shade of the tall trees and a lot of leaves landed on the water, no water plants grew, the water was black and the bottom was muddy. In order to improve these conditions, the municipality has taken the initiative to redesign the park, "so that the residents can enjoy this beautiful piece of Huizen again for a longer period of time".

Smartland's design focuses primarily on more water in the park. This is necessary to make Bad Vilbelpark climate adaptive. The park will thus have better drainage and there is more water storage capacity during extreme downpours. The existing water will be widened in some places, and shallow transverse ditches will be dug that will bring the seepage and rain water to the central waterway in a controlled manner. In addition, the design focuses on greater biodiversity and water quality. Ecological banks are being constructed along the watercourse, creating a greater diversity of bank profiles. There will be deeper parts in the water features as a refuge for fish species in the winter. Together with the tranquility and shallowness of the ditches, this will lead to beautiful seepage vegetation of, for example, the water lily.

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