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Edible walking trails

As part of the Open Call Beautiful Production Landscapes of the Stimuleringsfonds voor Creatieve Industrie, Smartland sought collaboration with designers in the Achterhoek to explore how landscape design can contribute to accelerating the food transition. Smartland focused on direct cooperation with farmers from an organic dairy farm who would like to take steps towards more sustainable business operations in combination with landscape reinforcement.

Smartland designed wet and dry landscape elements, such as windbreaks, willow rows, widened ditches with pools and feeding hedges, in keeping with the Old IJssel landscape in which the farm is located. With the team, the 'Edible Footpaths' concept was developed. Where edible stands for both the nutritious qualities of the planting for livestock, and the fruits, nuts and leaves to be picked by visitors, as well as the beautiful products for sale in the farm shop. A way to reconnect people better with their food, the farmer and the production landscape.

We designed a beautiful walking route that connects several interesting places, with information panels. These inform the passer-by about the added value of the interventions the farmer undertakes for animal welfare and landscape quality, but also for healthy soil and a climate-robust water system. With opportunities to scale up in the region!

Location: Megchelen, NL

Type: Public space and landscape design

Status: under construction, 2024

Client: Stimuleringsfonds voor Creatieve Industrie

Participation: Farmers

Team: Smartland, Studio Wissing, Het Struweel, Bio Boerderij Keuper Puur & Smaakvol

Panel content design: Smartland

Panel graphic design: Het Struweel


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