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Puzzling waterworks

The history of the Zeeburgerpad begins in the 17th century when it is decided to dig a canal between the Singel canal (then the outskirts of the city) and the former Zuiderzee. This would have two advantages. There would be less silt in the IJ and the canal system would have a better flow and refreshment. However, in practice the water system ​​hardly improved, the canal was slowly getting narrower and narrower by landfills. Not until 1874, when there was built a pumping station at Zeeburg , the Nieuwe Vaart was again completely excavated and utilized. Now maintaining a broad dam between the Nieuwe Vaart and the new dug discharge canal. This allowed the water to flow out of the Singel and the Nieuwe Vaart separately. This dam , Zeeburgerpad , in early 20th century filled quickly with industry and activity, since 1 July 2016 the SMARTLAND design studio is housed at Zeeburgerpad 16 in an old industrial building.


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