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Agriculture centre Infinity Park Yixing

In Infinity Park everything is designed to fit a circular economy. This means that there is no waste only resources. Wastewater will become a resource for clean water, organic and mineral fertiliser and biogas. Within Infinity Park, the Agriculture Centre is the main node for nutrient circulation, soil research, modern & facilitated agriculture and gardening. Inside and around the Agriculture Centre, the important role that agriculture can play in relation with modern wastewater treatment, will be in the brought into practice and made visible to the public.

The general public can visit the environmental museum and the demonstration and hands-on laboratory. In the laboratory local people, students and kids can attend demonstrations on high-tech industrialised agriculture or they can perform their own test and experiment to learn more about growing flowers, vegetables and fruits. In the Gardening Centre, people can get inspired by periodically changed show-gardens and learn more about gardening and farming in the workshop area. There’s also a classroom where school kids can visit to learn about nature, biology, agriculture, gardening etc.


At the café on the central square, a 18 meters high lookout tower gives a spectacular 360 view of the surrounding. On the west side of the Agriculture Centre, the central square ends on a wooden boardwalk. Here visitors can get on one of the e-boats for a boating tour through the park and visit the other highlights of Infinity Park.


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