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SMARTLAND meets China's Concept 2030 Committee of Experts

In August 2016, Smartland presented the design of the Infinity Park to China's Concept WWTP Committee consisting of six well-known environmental experts in the field of sewage treatment and urban concepts. The committee focusses on the future of China's wastewater treatment plants‭: ‬The Concept WWTP‭.

The Concept WWTP will focus‭, ‬next to waste water treatment‭, ‬on sustainable water quality‭, ‬energy recovery‭, ‬resource recycling and will become a resource factory for its surroundings‭.‬

The first Concept WWTP will be built in Yixing‭, ‬Gaocheng District ‬and is part of the Yixing Environmental Protection, Science and Technology Industrial Zone.

Established in 1992‭ ‬and currently one of the major high-tech science and technology oriented industrial development zones of China‭, ‬the area has been appointed by the Jiangsu Provincial Government as an important showcase for circular economic development‭,‬‭ ‬recently called‭: ‬Yixing Ecological Water and Technology City‭

For this pilot project in Yixing‭, ‬the Concept WWTP will form the core of a 128‭ ‬ha eco-complex‭: "Infinity Park".‬‭ ‬In this park technology‭, ‬environmental education‭, ‬ecology‭, ‬modern agriculture‭, ‬gardening and leisure is integrated in‭ ‬a beautiful landscape park on the border of the city‭. ‬It shows the harmony between the city‭, ‬the people and their environment‭. ‬

This unique and future-oriented pilot project will serve as an example for other Chinese cities‭. ‬It will promote China‮!&‬s advanced waste water treatment techniques‭, ‬sustainable water quality‭, ‬energy recovery‭, ‬resource recycling and environment-friendly development‭.‬


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