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SMARTLAND ontwerpt circulair landschapspark "Infinity Park"

SMARTLAND has been invited to design a 122 ha large landscape park including the integration of an innovative waste water recycling plant in Yixing, Jiangsu Province, China. The project is part of a 600 ha large wetland park located in the water, science and technology district Gaocheng. The wetland park is part of a green corridor through the new district, connecting the Xijiu Lake and the Ge Lake. Situated on the border of the new urban development of Yixing, the park plays a central role in the city water cycle on the bigger scale.

The masterplan of SMARTLAND focusses on the integration of the water treatment proces as well as the integration of a related agricultural research center into a educational, experience and leisure park. In the 'infinity park' circular loops of water, nutrients, biomass and energy will be made visible, accessible and attractive to the public.

Key factor in the project is to redefine ‘waste’ as ‘source’. By doing so we treat the sewage plant as a resource factory, and as a booster in the total ecosystem. Nutrients are taken from the water to be used for agriculture; water is cleaned to be used for irrigation; waste from the urban agriculture in the park is brought back as biomass into the circular loop of the park.

The park will be used by as well experts who will live on site, as by the local citizens of Yixing.


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