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SMARTLAND selected for the 2nd round of the 'Bicycle stand for Spijkerkwartier' designcompet

A professional jury has selected 'SpijkerKwartier Ligature' for the second round of the competition 'Bicycle stand for the Spijkerkwartier neighborhood in Arnhem' The nineteenth century wrought iron that is so typical of the Arnhem district is the source of inspiration for the design and detailing of the bike stand.

The bike stand is a ligature of the letters S and K of SpijkerKwartier. The S has a double curl from which the K originates. The double curl seal is inspired by the ring joints of wrought iron fences. In the jury report, the jury writes: 'Spijker Kwartier Ligature translates the 19th century craftsmanship and design into a contemporary design. It is a sculpture with optimal functionality. It has something to offer to both the classics and the modernists in the neighborhood. The strong graphic image does well in single setup but also in rehearsal. '


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