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SMARTLAND works on North Sea Challenge Nova Delta

SMARTLAND is currently heavily involved in the NOVA DELTA project. A joint initiative of the Dutch Top Sectors. It is about integrating various sustainable initiatives and techniques in the North Sea into a concrete project as a research pilot and as a basis for further development.

The aim is to use this to make a structural contribution to the challenges currently facing the Netherlands, and the planet as a whole. These include tasks such as increasing the production of food for people and animals through seaweed farming, transition from fossil to renewable energy by optimising the generation of wind, wave and solar energy at sea, and ultimate climate-proof and sustainable living by developing a floating self-sufficient city. All this combined with restoring the ecosystem of the North Sea, including as a basis for sustainable fishing.

Separately, these developments have all already been applied or tested on a smaller scale multiple times at sea. The NOVA DELTA project mainly looks for the synergy between these initiatives. In other words, the added value created by combining initiatives in a SMART integral design.

Before the project is given a fixed form, efforts have been made to launch the idea, including through a promotional film. A clip of this, in which we mainly show wind and wave energy, seaweed cultivation and restoration of North Sea ecology, can be seen via the link below.

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