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The All Inclusive City presented at Jaarcongres Stedelijke Transformatie

On the 14th. of Februari 2019 SMARTLAND, together with WAM architecten, Lodewijk Baljon landschapsarchitecten, Stadfactor, Observatorium, De Kabelfabriek, Witteveen+Bos and TNO Mobility, presented the results of the BNA research project 'City of the Future' at the Jaarcongres stedelijke transformatie in the Evoluon, Eindhoven.

The team focused on an area of 1x1 km in the Central Innovation District (CID), in The Hague. Nowadays, the area is considered as a major transportation node, with three important train stations passing through it. In the future, the CID area has accommodate a large amount of new houses, workplaces and facilities. In the 'All Inclusive' vision, Team WAM makes space for green and water by building over the current train tracks. With new types of public space and a diverse program in vertical neighborhoods, the heart of the CID is gradually connected to the existing city. The combination of the difference in height, the high density of the buildings and lots of greenery give this healthy neighborhood its own exciting identity. With places where everyone can stay pleasantly. During the presentation, a film was shown in which three characters Roy, Dennis and Danique talk about their experiences in the city of the future.

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