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SMARTLAND finalist for the biodiversity award ‘De Groene Kroon’

On September 18, 2019, Smartland will present 'Do you know the Musselbasket?' Our idea for raising the biodiversity on and around the water level of urban water has been chosen by the jury as one of the six finalists. The Musselbasket is about biodiversity around the water surface. So about plants and animals below, on or just above the water. In the old cities, the balance of biodiversity between, clear water, aquatic plants, mussels, snails and water fleas, is lost. The banks are made of stone, the water is nutrient-rich and turbid and only populated with submerged fish and mosquito larvae. Water and river plants hardly grow there, let alone frogs or dragonflies. The Musselbasket is going to raise the biodiversity of the Utrecht water system. How? Come and listen to our final pitch on September 18 during the inspiration meeting ‘De Groene Kroonrede’. At the end of the day, Deputy Hanke Bruins Slot will announce the winners.

Portrait photo : Rick Huisinga; Huisinga Fotografie

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