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City block Overtoomse Loft

The 'Overtoomse Loft' project is designed for four purposes: unique living spaces, space for living together, integration of architecture and nature and collaboration process. Nestled in the transforming and desifying Overtoomse Veld area, it aligns with the Structure Vision Amsterdam 2040, fostering a mix of living and working.

Crucially situated by the green belt along the railway, integral to the ecological and recreational fabric, the building contributes to the city's densification while embracing nature. Unlike a mere addition, nature is intricately woven into the architectural fabric, promising a high-quality living experience and a contemporary, attractive building.

Smartland designed diverse green zones, strategically positioned and with distinct microclimates, enhancing the building's character. The substrates, primarily peat soil, coupled with rainwater as a nutrient-poor water source, foster a species-rich environment. The vegetation spans the spectrum of the surrounding peat landscape, from water vegetation to riparian flora, haylands, undergrowth species, and multi-trunk trees, adapting to varied conditions of wind, water, sunlight, and artificial light.

Efforts to manage rainwater runoff through the roof surface and inner garden contribute to a sustainable drainage strategy, reducing the burden on the sewer system. The building harnesses rainwater for the green areas, emphasizing the harmony between architecture and nature in this innovative, nature-inclusive urban development.

Location: Amsterdam, NL

Type: Green architecture and outdoor space

Status: Realised 2019

Client: Heutink Groep

Team: Olaf Gipser Architects, Smartland


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