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Future exploration of the North-Holland coast

Smartland developed a decision-making instrument for spatial choices in a changing climate. Actually in response to the in 2023 published KNMI climate scenarios, Smartland, leading a team of agencies, explored what impact climate change will have on a broad North Holland coastal zone. On behalf of the province, we developed four storylines for the area between Den Helder and IJmuiden. Ranging from a more conservative ‘keep what you have’-scenario to a brave ‘embrace the change’-scenario.

The decision-making instrument consists of a sequence of spatial decision points that, depending on climate change and the choices made, lead to different final images. This insight into long-term options and consequences allows for better short-term decision-making.

In any case, time and money must now be invested in seriously testing and investigating these options and gaining public acceptance, in order to actually make strategic changes in direction in time.

Location: Coastal Zone North Holland, NL

Type: Regional vision, strategy and decision-making tool

Client: Province North Holland, NL

Team: Smartland, Bureau BUITEN, Acacia Water, ONE Architecture & Urbanism


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