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Future-proof Oosterdel

The Oosterdel area is a centuries-old cultural landscape in the heart of a new Dijk en Waard municipality, consisting of elongated parcels in a water-rich environment, with cultural-historical, natural and spatial qualities. The area suffers from a number of threats that make the long-term preservation of this cultural-historical landscape reserve not self-evident. Almost 30% of the banks are damaged due to strong bank erosion. The erosion is caused by burrowing mammals and American crayfish, improper field management, steep banks without riparian vegetation and wave action due to boating movements and weather conditions. The managing foundation has insufficient funds to maintain the area, let alone turn the tide.

Smartland investigated with the cooperation partners what measures are needed to make the area future-proof. By solving the immediate bottlenecks, by filling in the opportunities for improving qualities, but also by investing in the broader social significance of the area in the future.

With the landscape design, we are focusing in particular on redeveloping the banks and working with nature-based solutions to achieve significantly better water quality, which will also meet the WFD targets.

Location: Broek op Langedijk, NL

Type: Landscape design

Client: Dijk en Waard municipality, HHNK, Staatsbosbeheer, Stichting Veldzorg en Museum Broekerveiling

Participation: inhabitants, farmers, users, stakeholders

Team: Smartland, OAK Consultants, Movares


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