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Nature-inclusive honorary garden for the Eindhoven veterans

Sartland designed an Honorary Monument in Eindhoven - a place for recognition and appreciation of Eindhoven veterans and their missions. Together with the Municipality of Eindhoven and the National Committee Veterans Day, it was decided to design the honorary bed as an extension of the entrance garden of the City Hall, and also to link up in concept and materialisation with the new layout of the 'Dommel garden' between the City Hall tower, the Designhuis and the Dommel river.

This special piece of Eindhoven is in fact being designed according to the Nature-based Solutions principle as part of the European/Eindhoven UNalab project. The focus is on climate adaptation, combating urban heat stress and flooding and increasing the experiential value of nature and biodiversity in the city.

For the design of the bed of honour, the characteristic corten steel edges of the Dommel garden recur as a broad band with a text of honour and appreciation. The carnations are not annuals but deliberately chosen as perennials. A sustainable choice, as this avoids having to renew the flower bed every year and also allows year-round integration with the other perennials in the entrance garden.

A special element is the pillar with the Veterans logo. It incorporates an insect hotel. This completes the connection of the flowerbed to the Nature-based Solutions of the Dommel Garden.

Location: Eindhoven NL

Type: Public space, product design

Bron impressie: IMPULS en Yoshida Landscape


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