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O-Plot Sloterdijk Centre

The project is positioned within a green context, bridging a rich clay-peat landscape with a poor infrastructure landscape. Smartland implemented a mountain concept, symbolizing a stratified urban environment from a lush base to a lean mountain top. Divided into three zones, the lower tree crown zone (0-30m) hosts dynamic vegetation, filtering air and creating a habitat for various species. The shrub and climbing plant zone (30-60m) features green frameworks, balconies, and loggias adorned with climbing plants, fostering bird and insect habitats. The cracks zone (60-90m) showcases climate-resistant, slow-growing pole-forming species, mimicking a dry landscape, and providing nesting areas for rock birds.

In the student tower, communal spaces create green oases with facade vegetation and overgrown panels hosting nesting facilities. Water plays a vital role, adhering to municipal water ambitions and incorporating a water-neutral approach, collecting, storing, and utilizing rainwater for irrigation. The design anticipates optimal water management, enhancing the ecological sustainability of the building.

Location: Amsterdam, NL

Type: Green architecture and outdoor space

Status: Tender

Client: Camelot Vastgoed Nederland

Team: Olaf Gipser Architects, OZ, Smartland, DGMR, IMD, Koninklijke Ginkel Groep


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