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Resilience by design

The MRA Climate-Proof initiative lead to this transformative project, redefining investment decisions in MRA developments to align with climate-adaptive strategies. Through impactful demonstration projects, the team illustrated the feasibility of climate-adaptive development, showcasing its potential synergies with broader sustainability goals—such as the energy transition, circular economy, and enhanced mobility.

Anticipating the escalating pace of climate change and the shrinking timeframe for investments, Resilience by Design extends planning horizons from the conventional 2050 to the necessary lifespan of current infrastructure (2100). This innovative approach, shaped through extensive analysis, design studies, and collaborative dialogues with stakeholders, results in valuable insights for climate adaptation in the region.

The teams offer a comprehensive understanding of climate adaptation and show visual representations of how such strategies can enhance the appeal of cities and landscapes, fostering healthier living environments. These demonstration projects contribute to collective awareness of climate risks, illuminate opportunities, and enhance stakeholder capacity. Furthermore, they underscore the significance of incorporating longer time horizons into local planning, contributing essential building blocks for improved urban-rural interaction.

Location: Metropolitan Region Amsterdam, NL

Type: Research, vision and landscape design

Surface: 2,500 km2

Client: MRA, Amsterdam municipality

Team: ONE Architecture & Urbanism, Smartland, OverMorgen, Arcadis, Jupiter, Climate Adaption Partners, Drift, WUR en University of Pennsylvania


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