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Songjiang Green Ring & North Gate Forest Park

In 2022 the city of Shanghai has invited a group of experienced local and international design offices and institutes to research possible landscape strategies for the 5 major development zones around Shanghai. EADG and Smartland have worked on the green ring for the Songjiang District. Being the origin of Shanghai, Songjiang is a very important development core for the region, well know for it's position along the Huangpu River, the many waterways, farmland and unique mountains.

The design for the Songjiang Green Ring focussed on strategies for development taking the protected farmland, water quality, ecology and afforestation goals into account. The result is a mosaic landscape that is able to change over time taking specific transformation strategies into account.

In the second phase of the project we have been asked to design the North Gate Forest park as one of the main recreation and transportation hubs for the future of the green ring, connecting it to the green mountains in the North and to the forest ring of Shanghai.

Location: Songjiang, CH

Type: Research, masterplan and strategy

Year: 2022

Client: Shanghai municipality & Sonjiang district

Team: Earthasia (Shanghai), Smartland


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