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Sustainable bridges Bajeskwartier Amsterdam

May 24th 2021 - A completely new residential area is being built on the site of the demolished Amsterdam Bijlmerbajes prison: the Bajeskwartier. The design is bursting with nods to the prison past, although the emphasis is on open and green.

To connect the new district with its surroundings, two bridges have been provided that bridge the existing canals.

These two bridges actually consist of three bridges: a middle section for motorized traffic and two bridges on either side for cyclists and pedestrians. A special feature of the outer bridges is that the handrails are made from the old cell doors. Reuse of prison materials has been an important aspect in the design of the district.

The bridges will also be nature-inclusive. In the central reservation of the bridges for motorized traffic, a green strip with plants will be created. Nesting boxes for different birds are also mounted in the ledges on the sides and diagonally under the bridge.

The bridges are an extension of the Amstelstroomlaan and Nature-inclusive Amstelstroombrug and thus also contribute to the creation of the ecological connection between the Amstelscheg and the Watergraafsmeer.

With the realization of the bridges, the prison island will become an important part of the city, in terms of green and fauna, and of course also for the new users. When added together, the green and open character of the Bajes Kwartier is enhanced, in which the new residents can move very freely.

Client: Bajes Kwartier Development CV

Source and images: K_Dekker construction & infra


SMARTLAND landscape architects


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