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Underwater nature intertidal landscape Rotterdam

This project is all about strengthening the delta city for people and nature. It entales an analysis and typology design for measures to strengthen the underwater nature of the Nieuwe Maas and the adjacent ports of Rotterdam.

With the delta river Nieuwe Maas flowing through the heart of the city, Rotterdam has everything it takes to become a place with rich underwater nature. A place where the rhythm of the delta river can be experienced in the middle of the city. With a healthy river and living banks as the basis for the habitat of salmon, smelt, kingfisher, beaver and the occasional hunting seal or foraging sturgeon in the future. This will continue to build a high-quality city where the banks of the rivers are natural, experienceable and accessible.

Until now, underwater nature has received relatively little attention in development projects in the city. This means there is a huge opportunity to create added value for nature in the city!

Location: Nieuwe Maas, Rotterdam, NL

Type: Research, vision and landscape design

Client: Rotterdam municipality, Department of Waterways and Public Works, ARK Natuurontwikkeling

Team: OAK Consultants, Smartland


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