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Vertical landscape Stories

Smartland has designed the landscape concept for 'Stories', a residential project within Amsterdam City Lab Buiksloterham. Reflecting the project's location in the historic northern IJ ports, the landscape concept mirrors a gradient from hinterland to sea, manifested vertically in the building. This approach results in a dynamic visual experience, with a captivating interplay of seasonal hues and a winter scene featuring evergreen shrubs. Carefully selected vegetation, supported by ample substrate and automated water supply, withstands extreme conditions.

The building's green framework features water-retaining green roofs and double-storey green niches on facades, hosting trees, shrubs, herbs, and more. Alongside balconies and winter gardens, they create a dynamic three-dimensional green envelope around the building, contributing to aesthetics and functionality.

These green elements offer air purification, oxygen generation, cooling, and noise reduction, providing residents with a close-to-nature experience. Green roofs serve multiple purposes, acting as cooling and insulation systems, energy sources, water reservoirs, and a potential extension for functional roof gardens.

Future residents, actively engaged in this community-led housing initiative, guided the design, overseen by the seasoned dockers of the historic IJ ports. The innovative design not only enhances aesthetics but also embraces sustainability and community engagement, making 'Stories' a harmonious blend of nature and urban living.

Location: Amsterdam, NL

Type: Green architecture and outdoor  space

Status: Realised 2021

Client: Heutink Groep

Participation: Residents

Team: Olaf Gipser Architects, Smartland, OZ, DGMR, IMD, Koninklijke Ginkel Groep


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