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Visitors management Kennemerland Zuid

In the scenically rich and densely populated region of Kennemerland South, recreational pressure is increasing. Especially the vulnerable dunes are crowded on sunny days and this poses a threat to nature. For this reason, Smartland and Bureau BUITEN, together with 16 regional parties, explored how the recreational use of the green areas could be better organized.

With the exploration we offered the region inspiration on how to make better and responsible use of the diversity of landscapes. But also how new recreational space can be found and developed, linked to the larger challenges.

All this is feasible because the parties in this region understand that they are part of a common landscape system, and that there is a world to be won if they continue to work together towards a common sustainable future.

Location: Kennemerland, NL

Type: Research, strategy and regional vision

Client: PWN

Participation: Stakeholders, experts

Team: Smartland, Bureau Buiten


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