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Jiaxing Urban Wildlife Park

The design for Jiaxing Urban Wildlife Park draws inspiration from the existing vegetation richness and strategic location connecting rural and urban areas. Focusing on biodiversity, three landscapes serve as the foundation, aiming to enhance and improve existing ecotypes. Key aspects include water quality, healthy soils, indigenous vegetation, natural gradients, and ecological connections for a balanced and robust ecosystem.

The vision extends beyond the park's border, integrating it into the regional ecological network and landscape corridors from the Taihu basin to the Qiantang Bay coastal zone. The concept introduces the 'BIG 5' of Jiaxing Central Park, emphasizing five iconic yet vulnerable local species to enhance habitats and overall biodiversity. The chosen species broader ecological needs: Chinese water deer, Asian badger, Pallas's squirrel, Oriental honey buzzard and Pied kingfisher.

Ecology takes precedence in the design, creating a robust green-blue landscape with a focus on ecological balance. Natural embankments, underpasses, and tunnels prioritize fauna movement, ensuring well-functioning migration routes. Infrastructure for people is strategically designed to minimize disturbance, featuring one-sided paths, dead ends for observation, quiet zones, and escape routes for wildlife. Isolated 'islands' with no human access contribute to a thriving ecosystem with enhanced connectivity, offering a unique and ecologically sustainable park experience.

Location: Jiaxing, CN

Type: Landscape design and public space

Status: Tender, second prize

Client: Jiaxing government

Team: EADG, Smartland


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