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Renovation of Vilbelpark in Huizen well under way

May 6th 2021 - Renovation of the Vilbelpark in Huizen in full swing.

Excavators drive back and forth through the Bad Vilbelpark: the new forms of the water feature have slowly become visible in recent months. More water in the park makes Bad Vilbelpark climate adaptive, and prevents the flooding that has been troubling the park so far. The park will now have better drainage and there is more water storage capacity during extreme downpours.

The water will be widened in some places and the ecological banks will be constructed. These should also ensure diversity in water depths and bank profiles, which benefits biodiversity, both flora and fauna. The widening of the water features are already clearly visible. Shallow transverse ditches are also being dug to bring seepage and rainwater to the central waterway.

Fortunately, the birds and fish do not let themselves be scared away. As soon as the excavators have disappeared, the herons and cormorants settle on the freshly profiled ecological banks in search of a fish.

Film van Helixer RC


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