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Shenshan Coastal Area

The coastal area of Shenshan will become the "Blue Capital" of China! Blue Capital of China is a borrowed term from the European Green Capital.

The coastal region of Shenshan can give the Chinese version a flying start, focusing on coastal cities, improving marine ecology and coastal life. Compared to Singapore, it should promote the continuous improvement of the quality of life and well-being of current and future generations by investing in nature conservation, regeneration of the marine ecosystem and adapting our lifestyles to a more nature-oriented living environment.

Our approach to the Shenshan Coastal Area Master Plan begins with the landscape design of the 50-km-long coastline. Using our "landscape first, urbanization second" approach, we design a unique urban structure for six areas along Shenshan's coast that is adapted to the underlying landscape.

"Symbiotic blue coastal living" is the key to the future of Shenshan's coastal area. Our planning method "Nature-based planning" uses local natural diversity as a tool for urban planning.

Location: Shenshan, CH

Type: Landschapsontwerp, masterplan

Surface: 19 km2

Status: Tender

Client: Shenshan Administration, Planning and Natural Resources Bureau of Shenzhen Municipality

Team: LAB Architecture Studio, XO Projects, Smartland


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