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Presentation vertical green BSH20A

After thorough preparations we presented the green concept for the residential building BSH20A by the architect Olaf Gipser, as part of the Amsterdam City lab Buiksloterham. The enthusiastic audience was the group of future residents, the actual clients in this CPO project. All under the watchful eye of the old dockers of the IJ ports.

The green concept of this building consists of water storing green roofs and a patchwork of green niches on the facades, a double storey each. These provide filtering of the air in the homes, oxygen, cooling and noise reduction, but they also provide nature up close, sound of leaves, smell of flowers and the color of the seasons. By integrating landscape, ecology and water in the building, the concept fits perfectly in the whole sustainable and circular ambitions of Buiksloterham, as a laboratory for green urban development.

For more information see the project page of BSH20A.


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