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The countryside has the future, BK 01/18

De Blauwe Kamer, the magazine for landscape architecture and urban planning of March 2018 is in the stores now. In this issue the dossier "The countryside has the future". Everywhere the countryside undergoes major changes. The often unnoticed slow transformations are explored in this article. The central question is: how can design contribute to sustainable and economic prospects for a countryside that not only supplies reliable food, but is also a healthy and vital environment? For inspiration, our project “Water farm for Gelderland” is published on page 43. The plan transforms dilapidated farms in dried up river basins into vital 'water farms'. These farms are focused on wet agriculture, duckweed and bulrush cultivation, but also on water storage, water treatment, biodiversity and recreation.

SMARTLAND is working intensively on the future of our countryside in various projects. In rural areas, a number of urgent themes come together, such as the agricultural transition towards more sustainable and more circular forms of agriculture, climate adaptation, and the energy transition. In addition, the countryside has great cultural-historical value and is of great importance for the livability of town and village. Our mission is to integrate all these themes into inspiring sustainable rural landscapes.


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